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CYCLING: Bodedern-Tregeli-Bodedern

I'm currently working on a 'Cycling Tours' project. I will be listing a few of the rides on here hoping someone out there will kindly try them out for me and let me know if the distances and directions are correct and easily followed etc. Suggestions and feedback will be greatfully received >

BODEDERN -TREGELI-BODEDERN ................ 24.2 miles / 40km ................ Climb: 2000 feet
If like me you thought Anglesea was flat then be prepared for a shock, but don't fear, the stunning sceanary will soon help you forget about those burning thighs.
This ride takes you along the undulating hills of this beautiful island, through small villages, leafy lanes to single track pathways and as always a fine pub half way for rehydrating and carb loading. This trail also takes you past a traditional windmill, some superb lakes, RSPB sites, burial chambers and even a jam factory.
START: Bodedern School Car Park (free parking weekends & during school holidays, on street parking during school hours)
Turn right out of the car park.
0.36m Turn left at the T Junction
0.59m Turn right onto a quiet leafy lane with bustling hedgerows.
3.92m Turn left at the staggered cross roads towards Llanfaethlu.
4.10m Keep a look out for the old bakery memorial on your right.
4.24m Windmill and Iron age huts. Also a lovely little cafe and gift shop.
4.50m Turn right at the T junction towards Llanfaethlu.
5.20m The start of the undulating hills. There's a few 6%'ers to get you warmed up.
6.81m At the T junction turn right then
6.82m Immediately turn left towards Porth Swtan.
7.12m Turn right signposted for Llanfairynghornwy.
7.47m Hills get a little steeper. A few 10%'ers.
8.26m Eglwys Sant Fair (church).
8.34m Turn right. There's no sign but there is a red post box on the corner.
8.94m Sharp turn right, easy to miss. If you pass a 10mph sign you've missed the turning!
9.74m From here you get some amazing views of the coastline and the lagoons.
10.0m Views of the Skerries and the Light House also another hill 12% this time.
10.4m Optional diversion. Turn left down lane to see the amazing Tern Colonies on the pebble beach. (route mileages does not include this diversion).
10.8m Turn left at the T junction.
10.8m Optional diversion, turn right instead to visit the Jam Factory and a little cafe. (route mileages does not include this diversion).
12.3m Douglas Inn, opposite the junction. Refreshment stop. They serve great food and lovely cold beer. Meal for 2 and drinks around £17.00.

12.4m Back at Junction (forgetting you visited the pub). Its a staggered junction, turn right and then immediately left.
12.9m Turn right signposted Llanfechell.
15.3m Turn sharp right almost back onto yourself. Easy turning to miss although it is signposted Cerreglefn.
17.4m Village of Llanbabo with beautiful views of Llyn Alaw (Lake).
18.5m Optional diversion, Llyn Alaw Visitor Centre. (Route mileages does not include this diversion)
19.1m Turn right signposted for Llanddeusant.
20.1m At the T junction turn left for Trefor.
20.9m Llyn Llywelyn (lake).
21.6m Turn left. Signposted Bodedern (sign very overgrown and easy to miss)
23.0m Optional diversion, turn left for Burial Chamber. (Route mileages does not include this diversion)
23.3m Turn right at the T junction towards Bodedern.
24.2m Turn left onto London Road.

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